About Our Company

We have been running adult phone sex lines for over 30 years. We were one of the first companies to offer a live adult chat service. Since that time, we've grown and expanded both our team and technology. Once again leading the way, as one of the first companies to offer a wallet solution - removing the need for premium rate calls.

Launched in 2017, Live Chat Wallet was the first service which offered customers the ability to pay for premium rate services via their credit or debit card. Not only that, but customers were able to phone a local rate number too.

This meant no more premium rate services and costly phone bills.

About Live Chat Wallet

Live Chat Wallet is a prepay service that allows you to buy bulk minutes which you can use to speak to our adult chatline operators.

You can use these minutes 24/7 by dialling the number on screen when you log in.

You must be a registered user to use the service and you must be 18 years or older.

To purchase additional minutes, please log in and select a bundle. Once payment has been processed and approved, the minutes will immediately be added to your account.


We use the global payment processor, Shift4. Shift4 are a payment processing company who have been established since 1999. They are listed on the New York Stock Exchange ("FOUR") and process over $200b worth of transactions a year.

You can rest assured that your transaction (billed in GBP) is safe and secure.

You may have previously seen "SecurionPay" as our payment processor. They were aquired by Shift4 in November 2022. If you have chosen to save your card details, this will carry over and all remains the same.

What happened to CCBill?

CCbill were our previous payment processors - and continue to be for other services. This website is the newest version of our chat wallet and does not use CCBill to process payments.


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